Alison Maclean - Company Director and Event Planner

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Tell us about Electric Blue Events.

Electric Blue Events is a company built on passion, dedication and a love of David Bowie. We are a creative and dynamic event management company based in Glasgow, providing professional support and bespoke event planning solutions to a number of clients throughout Scotland and the North of England.

Electric Blue Events was and still is, in many ways, a passion project for me. Prior to this, I was running my own successful wedding planning business. I still love weddings but, as I got involved in more and more non-wedding events - particularly working with local charities and communities - I realised that my work was beginning to outgrow my brand.

Electric Blue Events was the answer.

We are a small but focused team, currently made up of myself and a number of trusted freelancers with many years of experience within the events and hospitality industries. From weddings and birthdays to conferences and trade shows, we know what it takes to deliver exceptional events

What makes Electric Blue Events special?

There are so many things I want to mention here - for example: our unshakeable work ethic, extensive industry knowledge, meticulous eye for detail or first class customer service - but, while all of those thing are true and help make us great, they’re not what makes us stand out from our competitors.

The differentiating factor for Electric Blue Events is (first and foremost) our personality. Whether we’re planning a wedding for 10 people or organising a conference for 10,000 people, our clients are guaranteed to receive a personal service. Every. Single. Time. Why? Because we recognise that people are at the core of every function of our business - from clients to suppliers to guests, and everyone in between. That’s why we make sure that we are precise without being clinical, thorough without being formulaic. To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, there are all kinds of events in this world but never the same event twice.